Most Airlines Offer Special Deciding On A Winter Destination?

Feb 17, 2017  

Lib Dem chief whip Tom Brake said Mr Bercow was "even-handed" in his job. And the Speaker's spokeswoman said he had been "scrupulous in ensuring that both sides of the argument are always heard". But speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Mr Duddridge said: "Enough is enough. "We need a new more impartial Speaker." Although Mr Duddridge is currently the only signatory to his motion , he said he had received calls from ministers and MPs from different parties saying they too would vote to oppose Mr Bercow if it was debated. Six things about John Bercow He said Mr Bercow had done "some very good things" during his time in the chair, but added: "One of the key roles of the Speaker is you must not speak on policy issues. "He's broken that rule, he's broken his employment contract effectively with members of Parliament - he should resign, and if he doesn't, the vote of no confidence will go ahead." He claimed there would have to be a vote to "resolve" his motion, although Early Day Motions tabled by MPs rarely make it as far as a Commons debate. Mr Brake, a member of the House of Commons commission, said there had been a longstanding campaign by some Conservative MPs to get rid of Mr Bercow. He said the Speaker's style "may feel like Marmite to some but in practice he is balanced". On his blog, UKIP MP Douglas Carswell criticised Mr Bercow's cheapest flights to europe "morally perverse" stance against President Trump but said he would not back an attempt to unseat him. Mr Carswell pointed to Commons debates to come as the UK leaves the EU, adding: "Brexiteers should be exclusively focused on winning those fights - not picking others." Impartiality requirement Image copyright cheap tickets to florida PA According to the House of Commons, Speakers "must be politically impartial" This requires them to quit their political party as soon as they are elected as Speaker They are also expected to "remain separate from political issues even in retirement" However, they handle constituents' issues in the same way as other MPs Before the recording of his Brexit comments emerged, Mr Bercow, who was a Conservative MP before becoming Speaker, was already facing calls for him to be replaced for voicing his opposition to US President Donald Trump addressing Parliament on his UK state visit. Talking to Reading students, Mr Bercow said: "Personally, I voted to remain.

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