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May 20, 2017  

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Pretty rich ignorant judgement coming from believers of a religion which believes women look best in black bags with slits for eyes …

Emergency bags for families fleeing domestic violence, lined up and ready for distribution to Tasmanian collection points. Helping domestic violence victims with emergency bags of supplies for mum, kids Five years into a violent, emotionally abusive relationship, Laura Timmers reached breaking point. Fearing for the safety of her baby son, she fled the home she shared with her partner. She vividly remembers not being able to take much with her. "It was very spur of the moment thinking, so I didn't originally take a lot of things with me," she said. "A lot of people don't understand how much stress that person is under when they're deciding is it safe to go or is it not safe, and what do I need to take." The Ravenswood resident has joined others in the northern Tasmania suburb to advocate against family violence and find practical ways to reduce its incidence. They are part of a Commonwealth-funded program called Building Safer Communities for Women — What Will it Take, which has been running for 12 months and is coordinated in Tasmania by Colony 47. One of the projects the advocates have undertaken is to create emergency bags for babies and children who are forced by family violence to leave their homes with their mothers at short notice. Items inside the bags include toiletries, sanitary products, books, toys and clothing. Photo: Tasmanian Laura Timmers knows of the upheaval caused by leaving an abusive domestic situation. (ABC News: Laura Beavis) "In the scenario that a woman and her children are leaving a violent relationship, most of the time they don't take a lot of things with them, because they either can't or they've got nowhere to carry them," Ms Timmers said.

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